Boat/Watercraft Insurance in Florida

One thing that Florida is famous for is the beaches. This provides plenty of options to enjoy outdoor activities with your watercraft. But have you considered insuring your vessel, whether it's a boat, a jet ski, or a yacht? The friendly agents of Numbers Insurance Agency, serving the residents of Miami, FL, explain how to protect your vessel, whether on water or land.

Year-Round Protection for Your Vessel

Most people use their vessels during the summer months. This is when the likelihood of damage or being involved in an accident is high. As such, you can't afford to be cruising on Florida beaches without protection. You can get into an accident with your vessel and injure someone or destroy their property. Watercraft insurance protects you financially by covering the resulting expenses and risks.

Protecting Your Boat in Storage

Watercraft insurance isn't just for when you're using the vessel. Even in storage, it needs protection. However, your insurance needs will vary depending on where you store the vessel. For instance, owners who store their boats at the marina have different insurance needs and requirements from those who store theirs at home in the garage.

There are different ways a vessel can get damaged while in storage. Therefore, it's important to take time and find a policy that suits your needs. For instance, thieves can break into your garage and steal a boat. In such a case, your insurance coverage will compensate you for the loss. Knowing the type of coverage that you need for your vessel makes the process of choosing a policy much easier. Analyze your current watercraft insurance and ensure it can meet your year-round needs.

Whether you want to reevaluate your current watercraft insurance policy or wish to purchase a new one, talk to Numbers Insurance Agency. We are happy to serve the residents of Miami, FL, and ensure they're adequately covered for the whole year.

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