Commercial Insurance in Florida

Owning a business means doing all that you can to protect it. We offer commercial insurance here at Numbers Insurance Agency in Miami, FL. Business insurance can protect your business property, assets, customers, and employees. If you fail to obtain protection, you can put your business at great financial risk.

Commercial Insurance Requirements

In Florida, workers’ compensation insurance is required for all businesses with at least four employees, either full-time or part-time. For the construction industry, businesses with at least one employee must offer workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance will cover work-related illnesses and injuries for employees.

Commercial auto insurance is also required for all businesses in Florida that have company-owned vehicles. Your company must also meet the following minimum requirements when purchasing auto insurance coverage:

  • Property damage liability for each accident for $10,000
  • Personal injury protection for $10,000

Commercial Insurance Coverage

The following coverage options are also available for any business seeking insurance:

  • General liability- This policy is perfect for any business in the state of Florida. It covers some of the most common risks, such as customer injuries and property damage. Your commercial lease may even require you to carry out this policy.
  • Business owner’s policy- This combines general liability and property coverage in one policy. It is perfect for customer bodily injury, damaged customer property, and damaged business property.
  • Professional liability- This is perfect for businesses that offer professional services as it protects you against legal fees. It is also known as errors and omissions coverage.
  • Cyber liability- This coverage protects your business against financial loss resulting from data breaches and cyber-attacks.


To obtain a quote for commercial insurance, give us a call here at Numbers Insurance Agency. We are located in Miami, FL.

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