Auto Insurance in Florida

Auto insurance is one of the most basic insurance types that every Florida car owner needs. It's not just because it's compulsory, but because it protects your finances too. If you just bought a car or are about to, take the time to look into your insurance options. Numbers Insurance Agency serves the residents of Miami, FL by offering various coverage options. Take a look at some you may want to consider.

Liability Coverage

Under this coverage, you have bodily injury liability and property damage liability. Bodily injury liability will protect your finances if you injure someone in an accident. On the other hand, property damage liability covers the damage your vehicle causes to other people's property.

Collision Coverage

This policy will cover repair expenses if you hit another object or car and your vehicle is damaged. For instance, if you hit a tree as you reverse and damage the trunk or tail light, collision coverage will assist you in paying for the damages. If you've financed your car with a loan, a lender may require you to get this policy.

Comprehensive Coverage

This type of coverage is for non-collision accidents. It protects you when exposed to risks like theft, natural disasters, vandalism, and collision with animals. And just like collision coverage, most lenders will require you to get this policy.

Uninsured/ Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage compensates you for damages if a driver hits you without insurance or who has it, but it isn't adequate. That means it will cover bodily injuries and car damage.

Medical Payment Coverage

This policy will help cover medical expenses for you and your passengers after being involved in an accident, even if you were at fault.

As you shop for auto insurance in Florida, call Numbers Insurance Agency. We are ready to offer you the support you need. The team in Miami, FL will help you evaluate your auto insurance needs so that you pick a policy that suits you.