Life Insurance in Florida

Being adequately insured is an important responsibility that most Florida residents share. Because of this, most people carry different types of insurance, such as home, auto, and business insurance. However, other forms of insurance are necessary, and one of them is life insurance. Are you a Miami, FL resident and wondering why you need life insurance? Let Numbers Insurance Agency explain.

Guaranteed Protection

Life insurance becomes a financial safety net when you have a family or a business that depends on you. Once you die, your dependents will receive a death benefit. This is an important protection you can rely on to support your loved ones when they need it the most.

Guaranteed Cash Value Growth

A whole life insurance policy comes with a cash value component. That means as you pay your premiums, the policy builds cash value. That payout can be used for different financial goals like paying off a mortgage, protecting existing assets, supplementing retirement income, or establishing an emergency fund.

Income Replacement

Most people have probably wondered what would happen to their loved ones if the income they depended on no longer existed. Life insurance ensures your beneficiaries aren't left financially stranded. With the death benefits they get, they can pay the mortgage, afford child care, eliminate debt, cover college fees and keep the family business running.

Payouts Are Tax-Free

Once you pass away and your loved ones receive the death benefits, they won't be taxed. That's because the government doesn't consider life insurance payouts as income. Therefore, your beneficiaries won't have to report that amount during tax filing season.

Florida residents searching for life insurance should make an appointment with Numbers Insurance Agency. Our Miami, FL agents will explain the different coverage options and how they can benefit you. Protect yourself and your loved ones today with life insurance.

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